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I cannot believe this shit is actually happening. I used to think I was a freak for watching zombie movies and then thinking, 'If this really happened, I wonder what I would do' and then coming up with plans. Thank god I have a brain like that. It's odd to thank god for me planning one of my worst nightmares coming true.

Mom and I barricaded the gate that leads into the front porch area as well as the front windows and the door. Since our unit is vaguely secluded in the back we're pretty sure they won't come back here looking for anything, but better safe than sorry. Called over to my aunt's house because I know they keep a safe of guns there (thank god my uncle is a gun collector). They were doing fine and I told them we were coming over to load up on weapons before heading to the grocery store to load up on food.

I drove the car as mom was just in no condition to be an offensive driver. Only saw a few on our side of town. The radio, before it went out, was saying most of them were coming from the north, so we had some time. At my aunt's I grabbed two shotguns, two rifles, and four handguns (six-shooters, which I dislike because of how often one must reload) and a shit load of ammo. My uncle loaded up his truck with weapons and took himself, my aunt and my mom back to our place while my cousin and I went to the grocery store with our weapons to stock up. Luckily for us most people weren't doing this but were instead trying to leave town.

We grabbed lots of canned foods and dehydrated stuff along with a bunch of cases of water. We're back at our house now and have settled in. We're armed and have food that should last us at least a few weeks. It's a bit crowded having five people in here, but we're making it work. We still have power and running water and the internet and phone lines still work but 911 doesn't work anymore. They had a recording on there for awhile, but now that's gone. Should we come under full attack we have two fully fueled vehicles and an escape plan of 'drive as far as fucking possible.'

If anyone else is out there, I wish you the best of luck and remember: shoot them in the head.

E.T.A. - This means I'm going to have to wait even longer to get my iPhone now. Motherfuckers!

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